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I was once told by a wise woman that emotions are a strong force to be reckoned with. They breathe their own life and have their own destructive force. If one does not allow their emotions both happy and sad to escape and feel acknowledged, they will eat away at the life they live in. My journey in life has been a road filled with many peaks of happiness and many valleys of depression. But through it all I have held those words of wisdom with me. I have always found it easy to release my anguish, my depression, my sadness, and my happiness to those around me who love me and to my best friends “pad and paper.”

With this blog I hope to inspire others to write their emotions on paper, let the forgiving page hear all the words of hurt, pain, contentment, joy. With this blog I hope to inspire myself to forgive all that hurts in my life, to let go of old grudges and to grow, from the inside out.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Desultory Dreams & Demiurge Desires

My mind is flooded with images that flow through me like a movie reel. A silver canister of random depictions, where one has nothing to do with the next, as accidental as a lamp post and a shooting star. They are each unique to themselves. But their own individuality doesn't make them any less interesting. Each of my matchless thoughts are strung together like beads of a necklace. The only thing that keeps the beads from letting gravity take hold and bring the crashing to the floor is the string they are on. Much like the only reason these incomparable ideas are appearing is because of me. I am the string that holds these metaphors together. A beautiful idea, that no matter how different one may be to another they are still connected. A hopeful idea that no matter how alone one may feel they are still linked to everyone else, like beads on a necklace or images in my mind.

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